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What Makes Cogito’s SAT Summer Program the Best In The US?

Published on Nov 27, 2018

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Cogito SAT Summer Program is the best SAT Prep program in the US. Over the four-week program, students learn techniques to improve SAT scores by 20% on average. Check out the main reasons we can say the Cogito SAT Prep program is the best program for international students:

  1. Academics. Cogito’s classes are held at the top American universities, including Harvard, MIT, and Brown. In addition to the intellectual experience that students gain from these courses, US academic environments give students insight into college life at top American schools.
  2. Location. Our 4-week program is split between New York and Boston: the first week is held at Columbia University and the next three weeks are held in Harvard sq. After the five days in New York, we take a bus to Boston and continue our classes and activities in Harvard Sq.
  3. True-to-life environment. Students are prepared to excel in the test set through timed practice tests, speed techniques, and an immersive yet supportive simulation experience. Further, Cogito offers a signature SAT Essay workshop geared specifically toward international students.
  4. Instructors who graduated from MIT and Harvard. Cogito students benefit from close experience with the American lecture style and are empowered to academically prepare themselves accordingly.
  5. Visits to top companies. for example, Google. This gives students a broader perspective on life in the US beyond the college search process and propels them to make decisions when thinking about their future.

Work experience. The Cogito start-up events allow students to engage with local start-ups, enriching students’ sense of American innovation and giving them a stake in what is up-and-coming in the community around them.

Immersion. Cogito offers its students free time throughout the summer program. This teaches responsibility and independence while simultaneously preventing the burn-out so endemic among high-achieving international students. For two to three hours each day, students craft their own agenda, one that educates them on the most engaging aspects of their setting.
Cogito students engage in individual social impact projects during their summer experience. Designed to generate positive social good and leave an impact on the world around them, these projects begin with students being paired with a professor, businessperson, lab, top school, lawyer, and more. Through this partnership, students design their own independent project toward creating a meaningful social impact. Last year, students in the entrepreneurship group designed reusable bags to send to Cuba aiming to decrease plastic pollution. They received financial aid and donations from US companies. The music group was mentored by a Berklee student, and had the oppurtunity to attend the Berklee recording studios and record their own song.

Cogito students are immersed in a wide variety of international cuisine, promoting engagement with diverse cultures in both restaurant and cafeteria-style settings. Students enjoy breakfast on campus with choices such as cereal, fruit, yogurt, and bagels. Dinner and lunch include a variety of standard and regional foods, including a vegetarian option and a salad bar. We provide food on campus and also go to restaurants.

Cogito students benefit from the study support of students from top American universities. Students from Harvard, MIT, and more assist Cogito students with any questions or difficulties they have in the test preparation process, further preparing them to have an edge in the difficult college admissions process.

Life on Campus. In New York, students stay at HI New Work. The Hostelling International New York offers dormitory-style rooms with shared bathrooms. Linens, towels and a housekeeping service are included. It is one block from Broadway Street and 10-minute walk from Central Park. In Boston, students live on campus and stay in double room dormitories in Harvard Square. Rooms are furnished with a twin bed (linens and towels included), desk, char, dresser and closet for each student.

Friends from all over the world. Cogito keeps a great nationality mix. We welcome students from all over the world. In previous years, we received students from Morocco, Poland, America, Russia, Italy, Georgia, Turkey, Japan, Spain, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Serbia, Israel, France and the United States.

Lectures. Students attend different lectures conducted by MIT professors. Last year,  professor Marco Asaf talked about his research on removing traumatic memories from the brain. Students had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Marco and ask him any questions. Cogito students also attend lectures at the new england aquarium. Last year, Andy Mann discussed how to bring change and raise awareness for our most threatened marine ecosystems. Students had the opportunity to listen to his stories (and misadventures) from his excursions in all seven continents, including recent diving expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic, Cuba, Macaronesia, and other locales, shining light on our most precious and threatened ecosystems.

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