Community College

American community colleges provide two years of postsecondary education and prepare students for transfer to 4-year universities. Nearly half of all undergraduate students in the United States attend Community College.

Recognized as a cost-effective pathway to completing an undergraduate degree, Community College in the USA is an excellent choice for international students who want to transfer to a top-ranked university, improve their English language, and save money on their overall education. International students also choose Community College for a Gap Year or study abroad experience.


Our Community College Program offers only the highest level of support to international students including university transfer services, housing and advising.


We guarantee all our international students will have a safe, welcoming place to live while studying in the United States.


Most American community colleges do not have on-campus housing. The Cogito Community College Program ensures housing for all international students in the form of host family accommodation, campus dorms, or nearby apartments.

Benefits of Community College

  • Affordable cost
  • TOEFL or IELTS often not required- ESL offered
  • Transfer to top-ranked American universities & Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) offered
  • Possibility to work on campus up to 20 hours per week



  • Foreign citizenship
  • High school diploma (or willingness to enroll in H.S. Completion Program in Washington state




Application Process

  • Student selects school from list of Cogito partners
  • Student pays $250 application fee to start the full application process
  • Upon successful acceptance, student pays 50% program fees to secure enrollment and receive I-20
  • Upon successful visa, student pays remaining program fees and books flight to the USA


Prices range from $14,900-$25,900 for academic year tuition, housing, meals and health insurance. More attractive and populated cities like California and Boston will be at the higher end of the cost range. At most schools, we offer airport transfer to campus.

Additional costs include books, travel and personal expenses.

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Aleksandar D.


"So far everything has been almost perfect. Santa Barbara is beautiful, the mountains, downtown and the beach, they're all wonderful. The apartment is huge, it’s well equipped and it looks good. There's tons of college kids, it's a good mix between boys and girls and there's a lot of parties. So the experience so far has been amazing, and unexpectedly, I don't miss home at all."