SAT Summer Camp 2021

The Cogito World Education SAT Summer Camp is a residential and academic program designed to prepare international high school students grades 10-12 for admission to top-ranked American universities.

The program is based in Harvard sq. Boston from July 3rd ending on July 29th with a weekend trip to New York City on July 24th, providing international students with an Ivy League university experience. Learn more by visiting us on Facebook.

Our SAT Summer camp is a college preparatory program that combines rigorous classroom instruction with enriching extracurricular activities on America’s most famous university campus. During our Summer SAT Program, international students learn techniques that help them get into the best US colleges and universities. We focus on three areas:

  • How to improve SAT scores (on average by 20%)
  • How to write a competitive college admissions essay
  • How to showcase your extracurricular activities

Additionally, our international students will have the opportunity to pursue their passions. They can choose subjects like international relations, robotics, entrepreneurship, and more. A unique part of our SAT Program pairs students with Boston startup companies and research labs to complete an internship project in their academic focus area.

On weekends, students tour New England university campuses and explore Boston’s many cultural, historical and educational attractions. Students enjoy weekend excursions and participate in workshops with international college students and admissions officers.

*Cogito World Education is not affiliated with Harvard University, nor is the SAT Summer Camp a Harvard University program or activity.


SAT Camp Harvard Bridge in summer view of campus from Charles River


Campus Life:

Campus life is an important part of the American university experience.

SAT Camp dorm Harvard

Students at our SAT Summer Camp live in double and single room dormitories in Harvard Square. Rooms are furnished with a twin bed (linens and towels included), desk and chair, dresser and closet for each student. Girls and boys live on separate floors, but share a Common Area which has couches, TV and kitchen with fridge, stove, and oven. Private and shared bathrooms are located on each floor.

SAT Camp dorm-common-area
Students enjoy a continental-style breakfast in the dorms with choices such as cereal, fruit, yogurt, and bagels. Dinner and lunch feature a variety of standard and regional foods, including a vegetarian option and a salad bar. We offer a mix of cafeteria-style meals and restaurant outings, as well as healthy snacks for students to grab throughout the day.

International students in Boston sightseeing duck-toursFacilities:
The recently built Caspersen Student Center is the hub of on-campus socializing, featuring multiple lounges and a cafe. Students can also join Hemenway Gym which offers cardio equipment, strength training, basketball and squash courts (additional membership fee). For outdoor recreation, students can use the beach volleyball court outside the dorm or jog through the yards and parks that comprise Harvard University or down to the Charles River.

Residence Assistants & Counselors:
SAT Summer Camp counselors are all recent graduates or current college students at prestigious universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Boston University. They live in the dorms with students, provide homework assistance, and supervise off-campus outings.

Safety & Supervision:
We take student safety seriously and implement the following rules to ensure our students are well cared for and safe at all times.

  • Minimum 1 to 10 residential staff to student ratio
  • 24-hour security in the dormitory
  • Key access required for entry into dorm building and each bedroom
  • Designated zone in which students can travel
  • Buddy system to ensure students never travel alone
  • 10pm weekday curfew, 11pm on weekends
  • Zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use

SAT instruction is focused on enhancing skills and techniques to improve testing results on the SAT and ACT, which are standardized college admissions exams required for applying to America’s most selective universities.

  • Mandatory diagnostic test to detect student’s current skill level
  • 15-20 hours instruction per week
  • Specific emphasis on Evidence-Based Reading and Math components
  • Proctored practice exam just like on exam day
  • Homework assigned each night to help students advance skills outside the classroom

During the majority of the program, students will learn effective strategies for time management, how to boost reading and vocabulary skills, develop grammar usage and solve math problems.Three classes (9 hours total) are dedicated to the College Admissions Essay, an essential part of any student’s college application. We explain insider tips on what Admissions Officers really care about, and examine techniques for brainstorming and developing content. Students prepare several draft essays over the course of 4 weeks, and by the end of the program have a polished, edited version ready to submit to universities.  SAT Instructors are Ivy League educated and have years of experience teaching college-level courses.Daily Schedule

Weekends Schedule

Activities & Workshops Enrichment:
We organize a range of elective enrichment opportunities to satisfy students’ creative and intellectual ambitions. Popular activities include:

  • Harvard Psychology studies
  • Robotics classes at the MIT D-Lab
  • Entrepreneurship + innovation nights with local start-ups
  • Astronomy nights at the observatory
  • Painting lessons at the Museum of Fine Arts and open studio tours
  • Computer programming and coding workshops at Microsoft
  • Visit to the Statue of the Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square

SAT Camp students boston-on-the-t
University Visits:
The Cogito SAT Summer Camp & College Prep Program offers a full program of college visits in which groups of students travel with program staff to attend admissions information sessions and college tours of Brown University, Boston University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tufts University, Columbia University and New York University.

A thriving center of business and academia, Boston is a charming city bursting with history, art and adventure. Hosting summer festivals, concerts, and museum exhibits, Boston offers a variety of historic sites and places of cultural interest like the Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, the Freedom Trail, Newbury Street, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Symphony and more. All tickets are included.The city of New York is the most popular city in the United States. NYC is the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass and offers places of cultural interest such as The Statue of the Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, Central Park and Times Square.

Chemical Engineering professor Benjamin Davis of The Cooper Union Albert Nerken School of Engineering, shows students a flask of water in which a chemical called Floccin was used to separate solids from water during an experiment held at the East Side Community High School in New York, Wednesday, May 5, 2010. The visit by Professor Davis was done as part of the school's recognition of National Lab Day . Seated from left to right are 10th graders Joyce Perez, 16, and Katelynn Gonzalez, 15.

SAT Camp students attend seminars and workshops with current Ivy League international students who share their experiences applying to American universities from abroad, what types of challenges they faced, and which strategies were effective in their successful admission. Most students on the panel are from top East Coast universities like Harvard, MIT, and Boston University.

Our Student ProjectsA unique part of our summer program is connecting students with internships projects to build a competitive college application.The Cogito SAT Camp pairs students with projects according to their interests. Through this experience, students gain real-world knowledge and connect with leading artists, innovators, scientists, businessmen and lawmakers.

Todd (Vietnam)
Interest: Science
MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research

Todd completed a 4-week internship at MIT, where he worked closely with a postdoctoral fellow and professor to calculate dark matter acceleration for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). He was invited back the following summer to continue his work, and has used a professor recommendation letter to apply to another prestigious year-long MIT math program.

Hudek (Hungary)
Interest: Business and Entrepreneurship
Local startup company RueBaRue

Hudek was paired with a new startup company in Boston focused on travel. Together with 3 other students he helped design a phone app that allows tourists to explore the world on their own by connecting them directly with local attractions, restaurants and hotels. Hudek focused on researching and developing travel logistics for Budapest, his native city. He had a chance to observe how a business idea is converted into a fully operational company, what types of skills are needed to successfully launch a startup and how much work it takes.

Rachel (China)
Interest: Music
Musical Performance, Gallery 263

A talented singer, Rachel organized and assembled a 4-person performance for residents of Cambridge. Cogito rented a local art gallery and Rachel was responsible for preparing invitations, designing a campaign promoting her concert, recruiting local musicians to join her, and preparing repertoire. It was her first official public performance organized on her own and outside of school. The event was very successful and Rachel learned how to organize and promote her own events to a wide audience. She believes that every aspiring musician should also learn the business part of organizing a successful performance.

Christine (China)
Interest: Law
Legal case in Boston Court: Facteau and Fabian

Cogito organized a mentorship between Christine and a young Ivy League-educated lawyer. Together with her mentor Christine learned about the criminal and civil legal systems: who are its participants (i.e. prosecutor, defense counsel, judges, clerks, the juries) and what are their respective roles. How does a trial occur procedurally and how do biases on the part of each individual play into this. Christine researched the 6th Amendment right to a jury trial, jury selection, differences between criminal and civil proceedings, arbitration vs. mediation vs. trial, and observed one of the big cases in Boston Court: Facteau and Fabian including 18-20 counts of fraud in marketing a product not cleared for sale by the FDA.

Svetlana (Russia)
Interest: Visual Art
Accomplished Boston artist Jacob Higgenbottom

Svetlana loves painting and dreams of becoming an artist. She had a chance to meet with Boston’s top watercolor artist, Jacob Higgenbottom. She visited his studio in an artist-owned building where she learned his watercolor techniques, how he promotes his art, and the importance of developing an artist websites and connecting with the artist community. She learned not only new painting techniques but also how to make it as an artist.
SAT Camp Requirements

  • Current high school student entering grades 10-12
  • Age 14-18 on first day of the camp
  • English Proficiency: TOEFL 80, IELTS 6.5 or interview
  • High school cumulative GPA 3.3 out of 4
  • Example College Essay
  • Resume or CV

For scholarship consideration, students must exceed minimum requirements and agree to a Skype interview.

Cost: $6,995 per student
Dates: July 3- July 29 (4 weeks)Includes:

  • SAT instruction + college essay classes
  • Projects and mentors assigned according to student interests
  • Supervision and study support by Harvard and MIT students
  • Double room accommodation + bed linens and towel
  • Three meals per day
  • Airport transfer + local transportation
  • Health insurance
  • Tickets for scheduled activities and recreation
  • Weekend excursions to Rhode Island + NYC

Not included: Airfare, medical expenses, laundry, souvenirs, spending money

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This event is not owned, controlled, supervised or sponsored by Harvard University or any of its schools or programs.

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Colibri’s SAT preparation camp has, without a doubt, helped me immensely. Walking into the classroom for the first time I felt nervous and intimidated — I didn’t even know what SAT test papers looked like. I thought it would be really challenging but now I know it’s mostly tricks (except the Reading test) and time management.



After taking the SAT class I do find it very helpful and worthy. Both the SAT teacher and essay teacher are enthusiastic, “cool”, humorous, and highly knowledgeable, which is contrary to what I had expected at the beginning: serious, strict, and even mean. The SAT teacher gave me lots of practice tests and exercises daily. In class, we had closer look to the mistakes from each question, analyze it, and redo it. After nearly 4 weeks, I increased my SAT score from 1210 to 1420. The essay teacher brought many materials to us and gave us pointers and steps for the essay. I highly recommend to other students to engage in this class if you want to get a higher score in the SAT and the college essay.



My points have drastically improved since I arrived. But that wasn’t the only upside of it. Mr. Berman helped me find my weaknesses and helped me fix them as efficiently as I could. We learned several tips, especially in math. The reading part was the hardest, but if you don’t give up, your points will definitely increase. The Essay writing gave me a really good insight on how to write professional essays, and correct them. Lindsey taught me how to put my emotions and personality into an essay efficiently, but yet keep a low-profile, and only imply the important part.

Xinying W.


The four-week summer prep program is well-organised and full of fun. We worked a lot both on class and after class. The SAT teacher as well as the essay teacher are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They made the boring practice much more interesting and engaging.