The Trump Effect on Study in America

Being in a blue state, we were surprised by the American presidential results. We decided to have a cold glass of water and logically examine the President-elect in the context of international education.

Americans voted for change, not for racist or misogynistic ideals

Most Americans who voted for Trump did so not because of his controversial statements on race or sexual orientation, but despite those statements. They voted because they wanted change. That rare ability to embrace risk and challenge the status quo is at the core of American prosperity and its dominant position in the world.  Because of our revolutionary spirit, Americans frequently develop new ways of approaching business and technology that attract entrepreneurs and scientists from around the world.

The American President does not run Harvard

Even if you—like us—appreciate the class and wit of President Obama, he is not the reason why one million international students chose to study in the United States. The American education system was built as a combined effort between world class businessmen, educators and students. Regardless of who’s president, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and 2000+ other American universities are here to stay and grow just as they’ve done for the past 350 years.

Legal immigration policy will likely improve

When Trump said he’s planning to crack down on illegal immigration, he precisely emphasized the word “illegal.”  He has never mentioned any changes to student visa policies. America needs young people and relies on international talent. In fact, restrictions on illegal immigration may actually free up jobs for foreigners applying for H1B visas.

Trump believes in foreign born talent

One of the first people named on Trump’s advisory board was Peter Thiel, German-American entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of Paypal and early investor in Facebook. Thiel is a big supporter of foreign students, especially since 4 out of 6 Paypal founders included foreign-born citizens.

Trump is a businessman

As a businessman, Trump understands the significant contribution that one million international students have on American economy and prosperity.

Despite the tense political climate right now, the United States remains one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse nations in the world. We embrace that diversity because it brings talent and fresh perspective to everything we do. No doubt, our country was shaken but we are stronger than any one person.

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