Top 3 Reasons Why Our English Language Summer Program in HARVARD sq. Is The Best In The World!

Our English Language Summer Program is from July 1st to July 19th. It excels at educating students from around the globe. Instructors from top Universities like HARVARD and MIT are experts at preparing students to attend college in the US through their improved English speaking and writing skills.

There are countless benefits to learning a language in a city, surrounded by native speakers. Our HARVARD sq location offers great opportunities for using your English lessons in practical situations. Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why Cogito English Language Summer Program is the best program in the US!

1. Practice Your English in Everyday Life

Living in a city means constant interaction with the surrounding area and it’s people. Whether you are asking for directions or ordering a slice of pizza, these situations are great opportunities to use your newfound English skills. Reading street signs, navigating the subway system, and visiting Boston companies will require students to problem solve in English.

2. Experience the College Life in HARVARD sq.

Practicing English with your classmates is a great way to learn, but native English speakers will always be your best teachers. While receiving excellent instruction in the classroom, you will interact with over 500,000 college students from HARVARD, Boston University and MIT. You will talk with native English speakers each day. When attending college, students have hundreds of interactions each day and with an experience in HARVARD sq, you will be prepared.

3. Become Immersed in Life in the US

In HARVARD sq you will feel like a local- going to restaurants, sitting outside on the green, and attending public events. Because our English Language Summer Program is located in HARVARD sq, there is always something happening. Make friends or become penpals with a friend in Boston who can help accelerate your English proficiency. Get comfortable with American slang and listen to the way people speak in real-life situations. Relax in the beautiful summer weather with your classmates.

To learn more about our English Language Program, check out our website here.



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