5 Reasons Why Boston is the best place for International Students this Summer

The weather is beautiful (80⁰F or 27⁰C) today and will only get better. People are outside, the sun is shining, and Summer is just around the corner. With our SAT Prep Summer Program (June 23rd) and English Language Summer Program (July 1st) about to begin, we are excited to welcome our students to Boston. We know that Boston is the best place for international students to study in the Summer, so let’s count down the 5 reasons why!



  1. Explore the campuses of the best Universities in the Country

Want to go for a picnic in Harvard Yard, or walk through the Halls of MIT? You can! With an excellent public transportation system, the train will take you around Boston in minutes. Workout in the gym at Boston University or visit a chapel at Boston College. Get familiar with different types of campuses and college environments.

  1. Eat Great Food from around the World

Boston is known for it’s incredible restaurants with cuisine from all over the world. Sample different food trucks at SoWa in the South End or get the taste of Italy at the weekly North End festivals. Visit Chinatown for some ramen and dumplings. You’ll never have to search for traditional American cuisine like Hamburgers and French fries. Wherever you are in Boston, food will follow you.

  1. Relax at Public Parks, Boston Harbor, and the Charles River

Boston Common is an incredible place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Boston weather. Bring a picnic and play frisbee with your friends. There are public boat rentals on the Charles River if you want to kayak, paddleboard, or canoe, with breathtaking views of Boston. Boston Harbor is the best place in the city to watch the sun go down, while checking out the array of ships in our arsenal.

  1. The Events

Boston sponsors events throughout the summer, giving visitors a full cultural experience. Movies and music play weekly outside at the Hatchshell and the Red Sox play baseball just down the street. Take a free morning yoga class at Boston Common. Listen to your favorite band play at the House of Blue and watch street performers in Harvard sq.

  1. Celebrate July 4th in one of the US most historical cities

Every year, we take our students to see the fireworks over the Charles River in Boston. This is a sight to see, with people lining the streets to see the flurry of colors fill the sky. Historical events like The Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre directly lead to the American independence, which is celebrated on July 4th. Enjoy the biggest celebration of the year next to native Bostonians.


For more information about our Summer Programs, check out the links below:

English Language Summer Program- July 1st-19th

SAT Summer Prep Program- June 23rd– July 19th

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