SAT Summer Camp Blog #3- Getting our Hands Dirty

Welcome everybody to SAT Summer Camp Blog #3- Getting our Hands Dirty. We have officially entered the meat of camp, as the pleasantries have given way to more content! We left off last with dinner outside, and certainly alot has happened since- it rained all day Thursday, but we bounced back this weekend. In addition, our students have been hard at work in the classroom and with their projects. Classes are beginning to get more difficult, as students begin to learn nuanced techniques to beat the SAT test. In addition, our projects are in full swing. Our law students are beginning preparations on their mock court case, Math students are writing their own program, Photography students are taking photos of immigrants and their businesses, Science students are sinking their teeth into the scientific database world, Tech students are working with Powerplay Technologies, and our Entrepreneurs are making sustainable bags for Cuba. Phew! What a time to be in Cambridge. Check out our Music students at the recording studio on Friday…



As I mentioned, we began Thursday with rain. After a community meeting, our students got snuggly on the couch! With our packed schedule, rest is important too!


SAT Summer Camp


Then students continued on to a delicious gourmet pasta dinner and listened to Ocean Conservation Storytelling from a photographer for National Geographic.



Finally the weekend arrived, once students had completed work on their college essays! They were rewarded for their hard work with an invitation to the Cambridge City Dance Party. This event attracts over 10,000 people each year and is a great way to get involved in the community. See our students pre-getting their groove on here:



As always, we will keep you updated throughout the SAT Summer Program!!

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