USA Boarding School

USA boarding schools educate future leaders.

Among the distinguished alumni of USA boarding schools are 20 American presidents, founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, and businessman J.P. Morgan. Rigorous academics, unparalleled facilities, extracurricular activities, and impressive placement at top-ranked universities attract the elite from around the world.

American boarding schools offer a safe, supportive environment for international students who are away from home. Our schools have clean, beautiful dorms, dedicated teachers and staff, and years of experience educating and hosting international students.

Cogito offers USA boarding school placement and application support, which includes:

  • Selecting the best school based on student interests, academic level, English level and budget
  • Helping prepare application documents and essays
  • Guaranteed acceptance and expedited I-20
  • Assistance with airport pickup and transfer

USA Boarding Schools Provide the Best Preparation for College.

College readiness by type of school

I was well prepared for college academically

boarding school preparation for college graph compared to day school


I was prepared for the non-academic aspects of college



USA boarding school campus building

boarding-school-prep school teacher and students

boarding school mark-zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg attended a top private day school in New York and decided to transfer to a USA boarding school for more academic challenge. One of his business partners at Facebook was his dorm friend.


  • Application (pdf)
  • Application fee
  • Copies of 3 years transcripts/grade reports
  • Official English translation of transcripts
  • English exam report (TOEFL or similar)*
  • Recommendation letters from 3 teachers (English, math, other)
  • Passport
  • Bank Statement

Most of our partner boarding schools do not require SSAT exam.
*Students who do not have required English testing should ask us about TOEFL waiver, or apply to our schools that offer strong ESL support



Stage 1: School Selection

  • Student submits High School Pre-Application form (pdf) to Cogito World Education
  • Cogito recommends the best schools based on student’s preferences
  • Cogito offers pre-acceptance upon initial paperwork review.


Stage 2: Applying

  • Submit Full Application Form (pdf) to Cogito with supporting documents
  • SKYPE INTERVIEW – short, informal interview with Admissions officer


Stage 3: Acceptance & Enrollment

  • Within average 5 days, school issues acceptance with enrollment contract.
  • Student signs contract and pays deposit to school
  • Cogito arranges expedited I-20 delivery
  • Student and family complete Matriculation Packet including parental permission and health forms


All payments are made to Cogito World Education. Application fees are $250. Annual tuition cost for each boarding school is the same as listed on school website. Upon acceptance, student is required to pay school deposit (usually 20% of the total amount). Final payment must be received before arrival on campus and according to the time line indicated in acceptance package.

Cost usually includes tuition, room and board and insurance. Additional expenses include: books, uniforms, student spending accounts, activity fees, personal expenses (usually between $2000-3000 total). If student needs ESL support additional costs may apply.



Cogito specializes in securing partial scholarships for international students to attend USA boarding schools.


We save international students 25-75% off the entire cost of attending an American boarding school. Scholarships are based on a combination of the student’s academic results, special talents, and financial status of the family.


  • Student completes Cogito Pre-Application Form indicating budget
  • Cogito reviews the pre-application and negotiates maximum scholarship at 2-3 schools
  • Cogito presents student with list of 2-3 schools where final price after scholarship meets student’s budget (minimum budget for academic year should be $13,950 or higher).


  1. Agata K, Poland
  2. GPA: 3.5
  3. TOEFL: 75
  4. Full cost: $67,000
  5. Scholarship: $40,000
  6. Final cost: $27,000


  1. Vincent P, Denmark
  2. GPA: 3.0
  3. TOEFL: 85
  4. Full cost: $52,000
  5. Scholarship: $32,000
  6. Final cost: $20,000


  1. Khang N, Vietnam
  2. GPA: 3.9
  3. TOEFL: 70
  4. Full cost: $49,000
  5. Scholarship: $15,100
  6. Final cost: $33,900


Boarding students live on campus in separate gender dorms that often look like big houses. Resident teachers live with their families in the dorms. They actively participate in student life by hosting dinners and other events. Dorm life helps students feel a strong sense of community and develop close friendships.

Average Boarding School dorm has:

  • Single or double rooms (occasionally triple)
  • Big living room with TV
  • Laundry room with washer and dryer
  • Kitchenette with microwave
  • 1-2 teacher families living in private apartments or 1-2 dorm parents
  • Additional amenities may include fire place, pool table, or piano

All student rooms have bed, desk, and dresser.

usa boarding school dorm-room


boarding school campus front-dorms



Students should bring their own towels, bed sheets (some schools provide blankets and pillows but not all of them so we recommend to carefully check the “what to bring list” provided by the school.

ELITE USA Boarding School Program

In the United States, there are no official rankings for boarding schools.  Those that firmly require SSAT or ISEE tests and maintain strong selectivity (accept 10-20% of applicants) are often referred to as Top 50 or Top 100 USA boarding schools.


Example Top-Ranked USA Boarding Schools:

phillips-academy top boarding school

Phillips Academy Andover

Accepts 12% – 14% of its applicants with average SSAT scores 94 percentile


Deerfield Academy

Accepts 13% of its applicants with SSAT scores starting at 87 percentile

cate-school usa boarding school

Cate School

One of the top two boarding schools in California, admits only 17% of all applicants, with a required minimum SSAT score of 82%.

Cogito offers comprehensive preparation, application support and placement at top American boarding schools. We have years of experience in successfully placing international students at the most selective high schools including Phillips Andover Academy, Phillips Exeter, Deerfield Academy, Concord Academy, Milton Academy and many others.


Acceptance to top USA boarding schools is highly competitive and requires applications to at least 4-5 schools. We recommend that students applying to top boarding schools contact us 6 months to 2 years before the application deadline in order to prepare an outstanding application package and achieve high test scores.

  • B+ average academic grades
  • TOEFL 80-100
  • SSAT scores above 80%

Our Services:

  • Complex preparation for SSAT exam – one-on-one tutoring services in-person or over Skype.
  • Preparation for interview with assistance to the schools interviews or schools visa
  • Review of application package, essay, extra-curriculum accomplishments.

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Antonieta Rodriguez Subiabre



"Cogito gave us the extraordinary opportunity to have our 17 years old son being received by this amazing High School. It is highly important for us the fact that Cogito understood the significance of our goals with this experience; because the future of our son is being built upon this residence abroad. Not just a high quality education or good curriculum provided by the school, also an excellent boarding system and a community that is deeply committed to integration; which is precisely what we were looking for, for our son. On top of it all, we see Cogito as a good party to rely on, that gives us assessment even about College preparation. If anyone asks us to recommend somebody to assess them in such an endeavour, we would recommend Cogito and its services, I would definitely suggest getting their expert opinion. Thank you Sylvia and Brittany."

Monika K.


"I am absolutely delighted by my school Thornton Academy! It is definitely school very demanding academically especially because I chose lots of difficult subjects. Now I am also super happy that I chose dorm accommodation vs. host family. It gives far more opportunities to fully immerse yourself with campus and I just make more friends here. It is also as warm as being with real families because teachers with their spouse and kids live in our dorms but in their own apartments 4 families per dorm. Truly this is the best choice and thank you for convincing me! I still have lots of privacy with my friends and yet get to hang out with teacher families, eat with them now and then - love it! Also Thornton Academy has very smart location - outside of the city so we have our own community here but in the same time we can make it to Portland on weekends! So far I love my school and I will be happy to recommend it to other students who want bigger school with great academics!"

Paolo Pereira



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable help and support throughout this process. I am sure we made a much wiser and more informed choice after your advise and help. I am sure Diogo will want to thank you personally, but here is a well deserved word of recognition for your professionalism, friendly and patient advise."

Ana N.


"My goal was to improve my SSAT score and find a program that would help expand my interest in psychology. I wanted to get into top 5 boarding schools and Cogito helped me to achieve that goal. This year I’m at Phillips Academy Andover. They also helped me improve my score from 74 to 95. Outside of school, this program help deepened those interests in psychology by matching me with a mentor from Harvard psychology department and enrolling in various experiments there and also by introducing me to Mass Innovation Nights at MIT."