US high schools

5 Requisites To Applying To US High Schools As An International Student

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Letter of recommendation

4 steps to write the perfect letter of recommendation

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SUNY plattsburgh


SUNY Plattsburg (see School) is ranked #2 out of over 3000 colleges and universities in USA by international student satisfaction....
Teacher is taking notes from the student to write teacher recommendation letters

Teacher Recommendation Letters

Why teacher recommendation letters are extremely important and how to ask for them. Advice for international students. Succesful teacher recommendation letters talk...
SAT/ACT test

7 Tips for SAT/ACT Test Day Success

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SAT vs. ACT: The Showdown

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International Students

Best Colleges in the US for International Students

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Liberal Arts

Top 5 Reasons to Study at a Liberal Arts College

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Perfect College Essay

How to Write the Perfect College Essay

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Ataullah K.


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