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Partial Scholarship Program

  • Guaranteed pre-acceptance and partial scholarships at 7-10 universities (all universities are well-established state or private non-profit 500 schools)
  • Including schools from Top 100 ranked universities (if student meets the test requirements)
  • The total cost of the academic year starts from $19,000 for tuition, room, meal plan, and insurance
a group of international university students spending time together on the US coast to help unwind from their work

Is this program for you?

Our partial scholarship university program is a perfect fit if:

  • You are a good or average student (GPA 2.5-4.0)
  • You have or will take an English language exam: TOEFL (61+) or IELTS (5.5+)
  • You need a partial scholarship in order to study in the USA
  • You are not set on a particular university but are open to different options as long as they meet your criteria (budget, location, academic programs, size of campus)
How much does university cost?

The average full cost of tuition, accommodation, meals and health insurance at US Universities ranges from $40,000 – 80,000 USD.

Our scholarship students pay from $17,000-35,000+ USD depending on their selected school, student budget, and various preferences.*

*Students must have a budget of at least 19,000 USD. Currently, we do not have schools that offer full scholarships.

Application Process


Students submit a pre-application with preferences for their ideal universities such as location, cost, campus size, major, etc., and transcripts from their last 3 years of education


Students choose a school and pay a $2,700 deposit to secure the scholarship and confirm enrollment. The deposit is deducted from the total package price after receiving the scholarship.


Together with the Cogito team, students submit their full applications and transcripts to the selected school


Students receive acceptance letters, scholarship confirmation, and I-20 to apply for the visa.

The greatest adventure begins!

Ready to take the first step?

See how our student from Vietnam received acceptance and partial scholarship to Miami University


Tran wanted to study computer science in the USA. His GPA was 3.2 and he scored 6.5 on IELTS.
His budget was up to $35,000 USD.

Cogito selected 10 universities that offer computer science and could offer partial scholarships.

Tran chose SUNY (State University of New York)

Full cost: $35,000 USD
Scholarship: $13,500 USD

Final Cost: $22,000 USD

(including tuition, room and board, insurance, application fee, housing deposit, and other fees)

Our students pay in 3 installments throughout the year.
  • After receiving the list of 10 schools and selecting one, submit a $2700 deposit
  • After receiving a student F-1 visa, 50% of the remaining balance
  • After the first 3 months on campus, the remaining balance

Tran, Vietnam Current School: SUNY

“I am very happy with Cogito. I love my school. It is a great and friendly campus. It is actually ranked #2 in the country by student satisfaction. As an international student, I got a part-time, on-campus job and I am making some pocket money. My dorms are beautiful, there are lots of other international students as well.
Thank you Cogito team for helping me find my best match!”

See the list of universities and colleges our students apply to!

Questions and answers about our scholarship program!

No, you do not need to take the SAT or ACT to apply to university. If you have taken the exams and score well, however, you can receive higher scholarships and can apply to exclusive top-ranked schools!

Unfortunately, we can’t provide 100% scholarships. In order to receive an F1 student visa, students must be able to pay at least 30-40% of the school’s total cost.

Community College Program

Community college offers the first two years of 4-year university education. After two years at community college, students have a choice to finish their education with an associate degree or transfer to a regular university for years 3 and 4 and receive a full bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor degree in the USA takes 4 years of school:

You have two options to receive a bachelor degree in the US:
4 years studying at one university = Bachelor Degree
2 years of community college + 2 years at a regular university = Bachelor Degree

a group of international university students walking near the beach and having a conversation about their time in the USA

Is this program for you?

The Community College university program is a perfect fit if:

  • You are a good or average student ( GPA 2.0 – 4.0 )
  • You want to study in a great location like California, Oregon, Florida but your budget is low (the average cost of one year of community college is between $17,000 -$25,000)

Why student choose community college vs. four-year college

  • Community college is usually less expensive, especially in popular states like California and Florida.
  • Community colleges do not require English language tests, the SAT, or the ACT
  • Community Colleges offer guaranteed transfers to top universities for year 3 and 4
  • Community colleges have smaller classes and a large variety of majors such as acting, engineering, web design, etc.

Application Process


Choose your community college from our list of Top Community Colleges!
See the list here, or send us an email and we will help you choose one.


Send us your transcripts from the last 3 years of school. Together we will begin to complete your application.


You will receive an acceptance letter directly from the school.


Pay the $2700 deposit.


Receive the I-20 and apply for the visa.

Get ready for the best year of your life!
See one student's journey from Community College to a Top US University

Carlos, Spain

Carlos was an excellent student in his home country, but he did not have SAT exam or TOEFL to apply directly to a top-ranked university. He chose Santa Barbara City College instead.
After 2 years, he had a great GPA (3.8) and improved his English skills! He transferred to UC Berkeley for years 3 and 4.

He received his bachelor’s degree from UC Berkely and applied to Harvard Medical School to become a doctor.


Our students pay in 3 installments throughout the year.

  • After receiving the $2700 deposit
  • After receiving the student F-1 visa, 50% of the remaining balance
  • After the first 3 months on campus, the remaining balance
Questions and answers about our scholarship program!

No, most community colleges do not require any tests from international students.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide 100% scholarships. In order to receive an F1 student visa, students must be able to pay at least 30-40% of the school’s total cost.

Yes, you can work up to 20 hours on campus depending on the community college. However, you still must have all the funds available for tuition prior to your application.

Elite Top 100 Admissions

For international students considering Ivy League or Top 100 university undergraduate admission, Cogito offers comprehensive guidance and strategic planning to make that dream a reality.

Our experienced team of admissions consultants and Ivy League-educated writing experts work one-on-one with students to navigate the college admissions process. As top-ranked universities get more selective (the Ivy League admits only 5-14% of all applicants), it’s important for students to learn how to express themselves beyond exam scores and grades.

international students celebrate their university graduation ceremony, wearing the classic USA cap and gown outfit

Is this program for you?

The Elite Top 100 Program is for you if:

  • You are a strong student (top 5 % of your class) with a high GPA
  • Your academic four-year GPA is a minimum of 3.3
  • You speak fluent English (TOEFL 80+ IELTS 7.5+)
  • You have a score of SAT 1350+ or ACT 27+
  • You are involved in leadership activities and extracurriculars, or have special talents

Our Services Include

  • College selection & application to 10 schools
  • Tutoring hours with Ivy League graduates
  • Personal Essay content development, editing & proofreading
  • Supplemental Essay support
  • Activities list development
  • Application submission and follow-up
  • Weekly Skype meetings and consistent email support

We coach students on optimal academic and extracurricular choices and provide additional support services where needed.

three international students pose for a group picture, smiling and enjoying the season of autumn in the USA

Application Process


The student sends their exams scores and 3 years of high school transcripts.


Cogito sends immediate notification of approval if the student qualifies for the scholarship.


The student pays the deposit and joins the program


The student chooses a list of 7-10 top schools to apply to, with the help of Cogito!

How much our services cost:

We offer college application preparation packages ranging from $3,000- $5,000 in service fees. Some students need private tutoring to reach their full potential for SAT exams, SAT subject tests, essays, and enrichment.

The cost for tutoring ranges from $50-$200 per hour depending on the tutor’s level of education, experience, and availability. One academic year at Top Ranked Universities and Colleges in the USA and Canada ranges from $50,000 to $80,000 USD. Many of the schools offer partial scholarships for international students. Usually, students must demonstrate excellent academics and financial need to receive scholarships.

Guaranteed acceptance or money back

We guarantee acceptance to at least one school from the list or we issue a full refund of our service fees.

Yes, many of our students receive from 20%-50% in scholarships depending on the chosen school, grades earned in high school, and demonstrated financial need.

Yes, top schools require a minimum of 80+ on TOEFL and a minimum of 7.0 on IELTS.

Masters and MBA

Cogito Wold Education helps students choose and apply to Masters and MBA programs in the USA.
Students must have English language proficiency tests (IELTS or TOEFL) to qualify and apply directly to a master’s program.
We also offer 1-year postgraduate diplomas. The average cost of a one-year master’s or MBA program is between $35,000-$60,000.
Currently, only masters in STEM programs qualify for scholarships. We review master candidates on a one-by-one basis.

Please email us for details: