Are you looking to bring more diversity to your campus?

Or provide additional support services for your existing international learners?
We are here to help! Cogito World Education partners with high schools, colleges, universities, community colleges to help them recruit and support international students from over 50 countries

Guardianship services

For middle and high school international students and families.


Our guardianship services include:


  • emergency support (with 24h response)
  • airport transportation
  • holiday breaks accommodation (residential programs or host families)
  • academic support

We offer guardianship to individual families or work with schools as recommended guardianship providers. We offer a 30%-50% discount to students attending our school partners where we have more than 10 students enrolled in the Cogito guardianship program.


Guardianship Program details

School breaks for international boarding school students

Each time the school campus closes for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or long breaks we provide different residential programs or homestays for students who can’t travel home.

  • The Thanksgiving program in Boston has been running for 8 years and it is the largest Thanksgiving program in the USA.
    See details here
  • Residential programs on request – we are happy to organize a break program especially for your school
  • Host Family accommodation – we have a network of host families across the US ready to welcome international students over holidays

International student recruitment

Every year, we bring students from over 50 countries to high schools and college campuses across the US and Canada.


  • We specialize in helping schools build diversity by recruiting students from smaller and underrepresented countries like Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Israel, Japan, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and many others
  • Our students are strong academically often with interests and accomplishments in arts or athletics
  • If you visit websites of many colleges and universities you will see our students on their photo, this is because they are often a star of their school campus, for example Rusdan, from Georgia (the country) won writing competition attending Wilbraham and Monson, Monica from Poland founded and ballroom dance club in Thornton Academy

Teachers and Faculty led-trips

Our sister company Colibri Travel and Tours organizes teacher-led trips to over 50 countries worldwide. We work with high schools and college students and teachers in creating extraordinary experiences abroad.

See faculty-led trips

See teacher lead trips

Here are just a few schools where we sent international students or provided educational support services.

SUNY Platts, UMASS Amherst, Texas A&M University, Wilbraham and Monson, Philips Exeter, Phillips Andover, Thornton Academy, Woodstock Academy, Besant Hill School, Montverde Academy, Arlington Catholic High School, Colorado Academy, Pomona College, University of Wisconsin (several campuses) Bates College, UMass Boston, University of Idaho, Columbia University, Montverde Academy, Oakwood Friends School, and hundreds of others!

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