Guardianship Services

For international students

attending US schools,

whose parents live overseas.

one of our guardians assists a young international student with his homework, working at home on an apple iMac

Cogito World Education has over 10 years of experience providing guardianship services to international students studying in the USA!

Taking part in our guardianship program ensures that parents do not have to worry about who will pick up their child at the airport, where their child should stay during school breaks, or what to do in the case of a medical emergency. We are here to take care of all of that, and more!

Having a guardian guarantees that there is someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your child. At Cogito, we do it with the love, care, and attention we give to our own children.

Our guardianship includes:

  • 24h emergency contact
  • 24h campus pick up in the case of any emergency
  • Assistance with arranging airport transfers
  • Arranging accommodation during school breaks/holidays (homestay or Cogito-run residential programs)
  • Academic support services
  • Parents’ weekend school visit (if parents can’t attend)
  • Well-being and health support upon request (appointments with dentists, specialists, psychologists, assistance in case of hospitalization)
  • Covid-19 assistance (Covid tests, quarantine, Covid-19 emergency care)

Our Guardianship Services Explained:

24/7 emergency contact:

Sometimes, unexpected situations happen and need immediate attention. Cogito provides our students, parents, and schools with emergency contact information where we can be reached 24/7. We are determined to solve every crisis as soon as possible!

24-hour campus pick-up:

In the case of any emergency (campus closing, health, behavioral issue, etc.), our guardians are ready to pick up the student within 24 hours’ notice and provide a safe and supervised temporary stay. During such a stay, we maintain close contact with the school, student, guardians, and parents to provide regular updates to all parties involved.

Assistance with arranging airport transfers:

Our guardians and network of drivers guarantee your child’s safety as they travel to and from school. Transfers can be scheduled 7 days in advance of pickup. Our drivers are experienced, responsible, and have clean driving records. They help students with their suitcases and assist with the airport check-in process. If the student arrives too late to check in with their school, we have a partnership with dedicated boutique hotels where students can stay overnight.

Health support:

Over the years, Cogito has developed a network of health professionals specializing in child health. In the past, we have assisted with orthodontist visits, doctor appointments, and medical emergency hospitalizations.

Covid-19 related care:

We assist with scheduling Covid-19 tests, organizing quarantine if required by the school, and organizing care for students who receive positive test results.

Accommodation during school breaks and holidays:

When boarding schools close their dorms, students usually have to leave campus. Cogito World Education guarantees all our students a few options to choose from for each school break:

  • Residential program in Boston
  • International or domestic group trip (for example: Costa Rica, Peru, California, Florida, Cuba, Italy etc)
  • Host family placement
  • Or safe and secure transfer to the airport if student chooses to travel home

Academic support services:

Studying in another country can bring extra challenges, even for the most dedicated students. At Cogito, we help international students overcome academic difficulties and focus on maximizing student success. Additionally, we have a deep knowledge of the US education system and can answer any question regarding college applications and the process of applying for financial aid as an international student. We also help with organizing campus visits and tutoring!

School breaks, residential programs, host families, and trips

Every year Cogito organizes residential holiday programs in Boston so international students of all ages don’t have to fly home. Students stay in a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city. We offer transportation to and from campus, 3 meals a day, and various fun activities to maximize our student’s time away from school! All of our activities are optional, students can but do not have to participate.

  • For the Thanksgiving Break Program in Boston, click here!
  • For the Christmas Break Boston, click here!
  • For the Spring Break Boston, click here!
  • For the Spring Break International Trip, TBA
  • For the option to stay with American host families, send us a request to

Our host families

Our host families are carefully selected and go through an extensive screening process. They are ready to provide not just a place to stay, but a safe, warm, and welcoming “home away from home” for your child. Families provide students with a private bedroom with a desk, bed, closet, and 3 meals a day. Our host families treat students as a member of their own family.

To maximize the student’s positive experience, Cogito:

  • Asks for personal preferences such as pets, family size, etc.
  • Sends a profile of our selected host family with photos and descriptions of each family member, their town, house, and the student’s room.
  • Introduces the student and family to each other by email.

To ensure student’s safety and well-being, Cogito implements a diligent screening process to make sure that our families are well prepared to host:

  • Host families must provide 3 different references (at least one coming from the workplace).
  • We perform a background check, home visit, and do our own independent research.
  • After the family is approved, we provide online training to ensure that they are 100% ready to host our students.
  • Our families have a 24/7 support line in the case that they need help or assistance while hosting your child.

The guardianship program student journey:

Before their arrival

We introduce our company, connect with parents to establish a communication agreement, and gather information about the student.

After signing the agreement, we notify the school that guardianship has been established.

We provide our emails and phone numbers for future communication with all parties.

From this point on, students, parents, and the school have access to 24/7 dedicated support and care.

During the student’s stay in the USA

– We are ready to assist with any request from the parents, students, or school.

– We frequently check in with both students and parents to see if there is anything we can help with.

    Our guardians

  • Are at least 25 years old
  • Live within a 3h drive from your child’s school
  • Pass an extensive background check
  • Provide three references (including at least one from current or previous employer)
  • Have prior experience taking care of minors

How much does our guardianship program cost?

The cost of our guardianship program for one academic year is $2,950 USD for the first child and $1,750 USD for the second child.

The cost for one semester is $1,950 USD per child.

Our summer guardianship program services:

For international students who decide to stay in the US for the summer, Cogito offers a summer guardianship program that includes:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance for the entire summer
  • Host family stays or assistance with finding summer programs
  • Weekly supervised stays in Boston (as a part of our mini camps, with hotel accommodation) starting from $1,395 USD per week in a double room and $1,795 USD in a single room
  • Transportation between the school and our program, or the school and their host family

The cost of summer guardianship is $950 USD per student.

Other Service Costs:

The approximate cost of services offered by Cogito World Education’s guardianship program:

Car service: $75 – $750 USD, depending on the distance

Tutoring:  $75 – $95 USD per hour.

Host family stay: $100 – $250 USD per day

Thanksgiving, spring break, and other residential programs: $175 – 250 USD per day (all-inclusive).

How to establish Guardianship Agreement


We will send you:
– Our agreement and medical release form, which you can also download here.
– Bank transfer info to assist with payment

100% of parents and students reported having a positive experience with our program!

Last year we had over 50 middle and high school students from 20 schools under our guardianship!

Some of these schools include Phillip Exeter Academy, Fay School, Dana Hall School, etc.


Lin L. Mother of Ella


“I am tremendously grateful for this service. With Covid 19, we decided that it will be better for our daughter to stay in the US for Christmas break rather than travel back to China. Cogito found an excellent American host family, Stacy, picked up Ella from campus and provided amazing care during the school break filled with activities around American holiday traditions. We received videos of them baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree. She ordered Chinese food when Ella was homesick. I strongly believe that every child should have a local, US-based guardian.”

A.W. Mother of Jun


“I have signed up for a guardianship program at Cogito for my son for more than a year, and have been very satisfied with their service. Sylvia (the head of Cogito) is a really reliable, professional person whom I have been happy to work with. Under difficult pandemic circumstances, she has always been positive and takes necessary actions proactively and swiftly. I highly recommend Cogito to anyone who seeks for a child’s guardianship away from home.”