Homestays in the USA

Cogito World Education specializes in finding great and welcoming host families
for international students attending high schools and community colleges in the United States!
one of our host families playing monopoly with two students. Our guardianship services include fun activities for the family
Our homestays are not just a place to stay, our carefully selected host families offer a safe, warm, and welcoming “home away from home” for each student.

Our host families

Our host families are carefully selected and go through an extensive screening process. They are ready to provide not just a place to stay, but a safe, warm, and welcoming “home away from home” for your child. Families provide students with a private bedroom with a desk, bed, closet, and 3 meals a day. Our host families treat students as a member of their own family.

To maximize the student’s positive experience, Cogito:

  • Asks for personal preferences such as pets, family size, etc.
  • Sends a profile of our selected host family with photos and descriptions of each family member, their town, house, and the student’s room.
  • Introduces the student and family to each other by email.

To ensure student’s safety and well-being, Cogito implements a diligent screening process to make sure that our families are well prepared to host:

  • Host families must provide 3 different references (at least one coming from the workplace).
  • We perform a background check, home visit, and do our own independent research.
  • After the family is approved, we provide online training to ensure that they are 100% ready to host our students.
  • Our families have a 24/7 support line in the case that they need help or assistance while hosting your child.

Other Service Costs:

The approximate cost of services offered by Cogito World Education’s guardianship program:

Car service: $75 – $750 USD, depending on the distance

Tutoring:  $75 – $95 USD per hour.

Host family stay: $100 – $250 USD per day

Thanksgiving, spring break, and other residential programs: $175 – 250 USD per day (all-inclusive).

How to Establish Homestay Placement

Send a request to with:
Your name, age, school you will be attending, preferences regarding your future host family (like pets, kids etc)

We will send you a full application form.


After receiving your filled out form within 30 -45 days we will send you a host family profile.


You can schedule a zoom talk with the family and if you both like each other we will send you an invoice and complete the placement

100% of parents and students reported having a positive experience with our host family in the USA placement services!
Last year we placed over 100 students with local host families and they all reported receiving great service and support and having an amazing homestay experience.


Lin L. Mother of Ella


“I am tremendously grateful for this service. With Covid 19, we decided that it will be better for our daughter to stay in the US for Christmas break rather than travel back to China. Cogito found an excellent American host family, Stacy, picked up Ella from campus and provided amazing care during the school break filled with activities around American holiday traditions. We received videos of them baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree. She ordered Chinese food when Ella was homesick. I strongly believe that every child should have a local, US-based guardian.”

A.W. Mother of Jun


“I have signed up for a guardianship program at Cogito for my son for more than a year, and have been very satisfied with their service. Sylvia (the head of Cogito) is a really reliable, professional person whom I have been happy to work with. Under difficult pandemic circumstances, she has always been positive and takes necessary actions proactively and swiftly. I highly recommend Cogito to anyone who seeks for a child’s guardianship away from home.”