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Cogito MIT Summer Camp – Student Projects

Published on Jun 18, 2019

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During our MIT summer camp, our students are put into groups to work on SAT Projects. Students pick topics that they want to learn more about, and we provide them with some of the best mentors to help our students theoretically learn and practically perform. Cogito is proud to present our mentors this summer:


Computer science and engineering

Caleb Littlejohn is a full-time student at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world. He is pursuing a degree in computer science. While advancing his education, Caleb also led a team as the lead developer to create a virtual reality game. Then his team went on to win the Google-sponsored prize for HackMIT.  He’s currently leading a group of students in creating a marketable video game. Caleb will be headlining our computer science and engineering team for the SAT project. Caleb will oversee a project that will allow the students to create their own video game! Students will learn the basics of the Unity Game Engine (Unity). By the end of the project, students will learn to write code and will have a fully functioning game.


Math and Physics

Josh Van Zak is a current Ph.D. candidate for two different programs, biological engineering and, Media arts and sciences. He attended The University of California and received one Bachelor of Science degree in biology and two Bachelor of Arts degrees in visual arts and urban planning. He later went on to get his Master’s in Architecture at the University of Michigan. Just like his impressive academic background, Josh’s skills are also very diverse. He is skilled in both Architecture, and Biological Engineering.  Josh will be the team leader for math and physics. He will lead the students in building their own smartphone attachment to perform fluorescence microscopy using 3D printing. Students will be able to create presentation-quality figures, images, and simulations using the Adobe Creative Suite by the end of their project.


Arts, music, and television

Brandon Hamel is a rising senior studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He studies a wide range of topics, including marketing, general media studies, and English literature. However, his main area of research is film and television production. Brandon has been studying pre-production, production, and post-production techniques since the age of eleven. Whether it’s directing, writing, operating a camera, technical directing, running scripts, or editing, he loves working with a camera. Brandon will oversee the television project. Using his knowledge, he will have the students work in the Cambridge Television Studio to cover television pre-production, production, and post-production basics. Brandon will also help students create several talks shows to prepare the class for a thirty-minute show that will be filmed at the end of the camp.

Our students will go home with both theoretical + practical knowledge in many different areas of study. Our accomplished mentors will help them achieve a developed skill set by the end of the program.