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SAT Summer Program Projects – Why are they so important?

Published on Jan 23, 2019

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What makes us the best SAT summer camp in the USA? Our amazing projects! Our projects begin with students being paired with a professor, businessperson, lab, top school, lawyer, and more. They aim to generate positive social good and leave an impact on the world around them. Through this partnership, students design their own independent projects to create a meaningful social impact. At the end of the program, students are required to present their individual projects and share their experiences with the rest of the students.


Entrepreneurship project

Students in the entrepreneurship group designed reusable bags to send to Cuba to help decrease plastic pollution. Through financial aid and donations from US companies, students provided reusable bags to Cubans. 


Music project

Berklee student, Jessica Nathania, mentored the music group last year. On top of mastering music skills, students attended the Berklee recording studios to record their own songs.


Architecture project

Are you thinking to become an architect? Students in the architecture group visited several architecture firms in the Boston area. Additionally, they visited the Boston Design Center and saw luxury product lines of fabric, furniture, antiques, and bath design. Furthermore, they learned how architects work with different providers and built their own portfolios at the end of the program.


Law project

If you are interested in a legal career this will be your perfect project! Stephanie Williams, a student of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from Tuft University mentored the law group. Students analyzed several law cases and compared the differences in law regulations between the United States and their own country.

The SAT Summer Program projects are a great learning experience for our students and serve as important extracurricular activities to include in the Common Application. Admission officers are going to be particularly interested in seeing how students have been involved in leadership positions. They look for dedicated students who put energy and effort into their activities. Cogito SAT program projects are great opportunities to develop leadership skills and prove how important it is to work towards social change.

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