May 6 . 1 min read

Meet our Summer SAT Program Critical Reading & Writing Instructor

With the Summer SAT Program approaching rapidly, we are excited to introduce our summer SAT Program critical reading &...

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May 2 . 1 min read

Meet our Summer SAT Program Math Instructor

Get to know Megha Majumder Megha is a NIH Scholar pursuing a Masters and MD/PhD at Harvard Medical...

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Oct 22 . 4 min read

Extracurricular Activities: A three-step guide to thinking and writing about everything you’ve done outside the classroom

Almost without exception, no matter what colleges you are applying to, you will need to write at least...

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Aug 22 . 2 min read

7 Tips for SAT/ACT Test Day Success

The school year is just around the corner and for Seniors, that means college applications. Many of you...

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Aug 8 . 3 min read

SAT vs. ACT: The Showdown

SAT vs. ACT: The Showdown. Two tests enter, only one will receive the Cogito stamp of approval! Seniors,...

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Jul 30 . 4 min read

How to Write the Perfect College Essay

Struggling with your college essay? We combined the best tips on how to write the perfect college essay...

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Mar 19 . 2 min read

SAT vs. ACT: Which Test Should I Take?

It’s that time of the year again! High school seniors around the world are preparing for the next...

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Oct 23 . 1 min read

How to Compose a Powerful Essay

The strategy to writing a great essay would help it to become intriguing, along with the key to...

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Oct 5 . 1 min read

Revision Tips-How-To Analyze & Modify Effectively in Viewpoint That Is Tests

An analytic essay is a particular type of essay that’s written as a means to assist the audience...

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